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Wild Things workshops and forest school is coming to our local village of Broad Haven this Easter. Wild Things offer workshops and experiences designed to help children learn about and reconnect with the natural world.

 They will be offering three different types of workshop, all lasting approximately two and a half hours. Suitable for ages 5-11, with children under 6 requiring an adult to accompany them.

Birds and Beasties

Wild Things Birds and Beasties workshop will give your children the opportunity to: "Learn more about the feathered friends and creepy crawlies that reside in your local area in this Wild Things workshop. In this session we will be taking part in a range of eco-friendly activities, aimed to sustain and encourage our local wildlife to thrive. Activities include; bug hunts, building bug hotels, creating our own bird feeders and mixing up our own bird food (just to name a few). This workshop also includes some time to test out our sensory skills by practising some basic bird identification."

Woodland Craft

Wild Things say: "From willow weaving to stick man making, this workshop gives you the chance to unleash your creative side using a range of natural resources (sourced sustainably, of course!). There will be a range of guided activities as well as some time to explore and create your own inventions. We will be showing you how to safely use a range of tools, with support from a trained leader. Be prepared to get mucky as we will be using mud!"

Dens and Campfires

"This popular workshop gets you back in touch with your wild side! Learn how to build different den styles that will keep you warm and dry - using only natural materials of course! You will be shown how to whittle a stick, and hopefully (weather permitting) toast tasty marshmallows over our very own campfire! However, it'll be up to you to help find the right materials to build our own all-natural campfire!"

There will be workshops running from the 28th to the 30th of March and on the 5th and 6th of April. They will be held on and around Broad Havens newly renovated Nature Boardwalk. Workshop places will be charged at £15 per child per session, or £35 per child for 3 sessions. £5 per session is being donated to the 'Support the Boardwalk Group' who work to upkeep and renew the Boardwalk.


To book a workshop or for more information, visit:


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Post by Matthew Bauer

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