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Wildlife Ponds Come to Life

A few years ago, as a result of a conversation during our annual visit for the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, a rather insignificant and sometimes boggy area towards the lower part of the site was selected for a natural makeover. With further advice from the West Wales Wildlife Trust we set about making major plans to create some shallow wildlife ponds (known as scrapes).

During the dormant winter months we brought in large earth-moving equipment and over the course of several weeks and with a worrying amount of mud and general mess, the area was cleared and three shallow ponds were created. Despite it's initial unappealing appearance and without any additional planting it has transformed beautifully into what is now a peaceful haven for both wildlife and visitors.

It is amazing to see it now, looking as though it was always here, adjacent to the stream which acts as an overflow. It has created a stop off point down the stream corridor that runs through Timber Hill and down to the sea at Broad Haven. As a result we have had otter, amongst many other visitors both aquatic and aerial. This year in particular the ponds have come alive and dragonfly, damselfly and fat bodied chasers can be seen flitting between the bullrushes and yellow flag irises.

It is a wonderful place to sit and relax and just watch.

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John Bauer

Post by John Bauer

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