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Fishing at Timber Hill

We have a fairly small, but pretty lake which was originally formed as a storage of water for the irrigation of crops such as potatoes that were grown on the fields surrounding it here some forty years ago.

When the land was purchased to add to the Timber Hill estate it was the perfect opportunity to use it to provide a place for nature and guests to enjoy. It was stocked with a good variety of course fish which have since settled, bred and grown significantly over the years and now give both very keen anglers and those who have little or no experience, the chance to escape for a few hours and try their luck.

There are some large Carp (common, mirror and grass) of up to at least 30lb in weight lurking for those capable of catching them, and also some excellent specimens of Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. We are always being told what good condition they are in, probably because the pool is not overfished, as only guests staying at Timber Hill are allowed to fish here.

We do ask that anglers only use barbless hooks, and that keep nets are not used. Any bait may be used, within reason, but success seems to be just as likely with a bit of bread, as it is with many of the other favourite titbits you might expect.

The lake is set high up on the southern "Belmont" side of the valley, opposite the lodges and you will pass by it if you walk the circuit which takes you on a twenty minute or so stroll that incorporates an old drovers path (now part of a permissive public footpath) which takes you back to Timber Hill. This is part of an even bigger circular walk that leads you past the aptly named St Madoc in the Ferns church, that sits at the North western edge of Timber Hill at Haroldston and continues on through the lovely Haroldston Woods' walk that leads down to Broad Haven.

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Post by John Bauer

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